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With over 100 years combined experience, our lawyers have the experience to help with your workers’ compensation, personal injury and social security issue and obtain the compensation your need.

Representing Injured Minnesotans For More Than 30 Years

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Recognized For Our Skill And Experience

Countless injured workers and individuals have come to our office and we have stepped up to the plate to help. We have over a century of combined experience and have received numerous accolades to show it. Meyer, Puklich, & Merriam was named the Top 40 of all Super Lawyers in the area of workers’ compensation – a title only the top five percent of attorneys hold in the profession. In addition to national recognition, we were also voted by MN Law & Politics as one of Minnesota’s Top 40 attorneys in workers’ compensation. With a reputation for excellence and results to back it up, we are relentless in fighting for what is right on behalf of our clients.

How We Help Our Clients

We do whatever we can to help our clients in the areas of workers’ compensation, personal injury and social security. No matter what type of case we are working on you with, we know the emotions you are experiencing. You may be physically and mentally exhausted, frustrated, angry and confused. It can seem overwhelming and may even be difficult for you to speak up about being wronged or needing help.


However, your injury or disability case is not something that can be pushed under the rug. The longer you wait to speak out and get treatment for your injuries, the worse your injuries could become. Prolonging your social security issue could mean you will not receive the benefits you need. You may miss the opportunity to recover damages and be held accountable for medical expenses you incur to treat your injuries or get benefits you are entitled to receive.


When you call our office, one of our lawyers will help you to take immediate action to get you on the right path. Together, we will take control and do what is right.

We Are Prepared And Efficient

Our lawyers overprepare so that we can move as efficiently as possible in every case while still offering high-quality service. We come prepared to every meeting, whether with you, before a judge or with opposing counsel. We are always ready to fight. Since we are prepared, we are able to work efficiently on every case so that our clients can get what they need when they need it without incurring unreasonable fees.

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