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Social Security Disability Attorney Fees

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You may make an appointment for an initial consultation with one of our social security disability attorneys for no charge.  Whether it is a social security disability claim or a social security supplemental claim, our firm does not charge a fee unless we obtain benefits for you.  The attorney fees associated with social security claims are generally 25% of the past due benefits we obtain, up to a maximum of $6,000 in fees.  All attorney fees must be approved by the Social Security Administration and will be paid directly out of any past due benefits awarded on your case.

If we obtain you benefits, but none are past due benefits, we may petition the Social Security Administration for a reasonable fee for our services.  Again, these fees must be approved by the Social Security Administration for us to collect.

If you have questions concerning a social security claim, contact Meyer, Puklich & Merriam to speak with a social security disability attorney at 952-444-9920.  We offer free consultations.