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Third-Party Claims Associated With Workers’ Compensation Claims

There are situations when an individual who has sustained an injury during the course and scope of their employment has a claim in addition to their workers’ compensation claim. These third-party claims can arise when a third party, who is not your employer, is negligent and responsible for causing your injuries. 

One of the common examples is a motor vehicle accident that occurs while you are performing your job duties. Other third-party claims can arise from faulty machinery or if an employer intentionally causes injuries.

Common Workers’ Compensation Issues

Various issues may arise from workers’ compensation claims that prevent an individual from collecting benefits. The insurance company and your employer may allege your injuries have resolved, are pre-existing, and/or are not related to work. In some situations, employers seek to prevent an employee from filing for workers’ compensation benefits.

Some employers may even retaliate against employees. It is vital to have attorneys with experience handling workers’ compensation claims and can be a strong advocate on your behalf.

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