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When Does a Workers Compensation Claim Arise?

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It does not matter whether you have been employed with your employer for one minute or twenty years, if you sustain an injury in the course and scope of employment you will be covered under Minnesota’s workers’ compensation laws.  You will be considered to be in the course and scope of employment the moment you are on your employer’s property or arrive at a job site.  By and large any time you sustain an injury at work it will be considered to be arising out of employment.  Compensable workers’ compensation injuries can be a result of a traumatic incident or from repetitive work.

Minnesota workers’ compensation cases can often be very complicated.  There may be various issues and disputes that arise.  It is always beneficial to have your own attorney who can advise and guide you through all the pitfalls and phases of this complex system and to ensure that you receive all of the many benefits that are available to injured workers.

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