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Workers’ Compensation

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Minnesotan’s have a long history of working hard and continuing to work despite being injured on the job.  The American economic crisis has not spared Minnesota.  Now, more than ever, workers who are injured on the job are not even reporting their injuries to their employers.  Perhaps this failure to report an injury is done out of a fear of loosing a job, fear of going without a paycheck,  or fear of reprisal from a supervisor or co-workers.  What many people do not understand is that this failure to report an injury may carry with it drastic consequences; namely the risk that if the injury worsens and results in an inability to work, you may be forever barred from even bringing a claim.  Such an inability to even assert a claim could leave you in the unenviable position of having to pay your own medical bills, go without any wage replacement benefits, and ultimately, because of your inability to work, result in your termination from the job you were trying to save by not reporting the injury in the first place.

Just because the economy is bad and jobs are scarce does not mean that you should not report your work injuries.  If you, unfortunately, are terminated because of your work injury you also have an additional remedy through the State Court system.  If you have any questions regarding your workers’ compensation claim you should contact an attorney who specializes in the area.

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