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Social Security Disability and Retirement Benefits

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Social security benefits are for people unable to work, as a result of disability, that are too young to collect retirement benefits.  A retired person, therefore, cannot collect both social security disability benefits and retirement benefits.  Some people seek early retirement because they are unable to work as a result of a medical condition.  If you are thinking of taking early retirement because of a medical condition and do not apply for social security disability you could end up penalized.

If you are unable to work because of a disability and are contemplating taking early retirement it is important to contact a social security disability attorney to discuss the various issues that can arise and your options.  Contact Meyer, Puklich & Merriam at 952-444-9920 for a free consultation.  We are conveniently located in the southwest suburb of Eden Prairie near Minneapolis and serve not only the Twin Cities area, but the entire state of Minnesota.