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What to Expect When Meeting With an Attorney

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Your initial meeting with an attorney can vary depending upon the legal matter and facts of your claim.  Attorneys will want to gather information during your first meeting.  If you were involved in a car accident or suffered an injury at work, your attorney will want to gather facts about the incident, insurance information, injuries, medical treatment, if any criminal charges are involved, details of any conversations, witness information, if you sustained lost wages, past injuries, prior insurance claims, employment history, and so on.

Once all the necessary initial information has been gathered an attorney will then discuss the process of the claim and go over paper work with you.  There is a significant amount of paper work involved in the initial process of meeting with an attorney.  Additional questions or concerns will be address, retainer agreements will be discussed in detail, and various authorizations will have to be obtained.

It is vital during the initial meeting with your attorney to be completely honest.  Your attorney must be informed about prior claims, convictions, treatment, and pre-existing conditions.  Communications between you and an attorney are protected.  It is also best to bring any and all documents you have related to your potential claim for the attorney to review.

Whether you are meeting with one of our personal injury attorneys or workers’ compensation attorneys, the initial consultation is free.  We are conveniently located in the southwest suburb of Eden Prairie near Minneapolis and serve not only the Twin Cities area, but the entire state of Minnesota.  Contact our law firm at 952-444-9920.