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Social Security and Compliance with Medical Treatment

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If you are filing a claim for social security disability it is your responsibility to follow through with medical treatment.  This means you should listen to your doctor’s advice and suggestions as best you can, especially if the advice is directly related to the medical condition you allege is keeping you from working.  For example, if you claim asthma or COPD is preventing you from working and your doctor says you should quit smoking, then you should quit or at least make a serious effort to stop.  Another example would be a diabetic listening to a doctor’s advice to change their diet or take their medications.

Failure to follow through with the medical treatment recommended by your doctor, without a reasonable explanation, could result in a finding that you are not disabled and are not entitled to benefits.  Someone making a claim is not, however, obligated to follow medical advice that is potentially life threatening, is significantly invasive, or is contrary to his or her beliefs or culture.   The burden is on the person filing a claim for social security disability to inform their doctor the reason for not following the doctor’s advice.

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