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No-Fault Insurance Benefits in Minnesota

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Minnesota is a “no-fault” state.  This means that generally your own automobile insurance company is obligated to pay for your medical treatment.  The benefits provided under a basic no-fault include the following:

1)  Medical Benefits: Basic no-fault policies provide $20,000 coverage for medical bills including X-rays, diagnostic tests, prescriptions, therapy, chiropractic and other forms of treatment.

2)  Wage Loss Benefits: Basic no-fault policies provide $20,000 coverage for wage loss if as the result of your injuries your doctor disables you from working.  The amount of payment is somewhat limited by Minnesota law.  The disability amount is calculated by multiplying your weekly wage by 85%, however the maximum amount payable is $250.00 per week.  For example, if your normal paycheck were $200 a week you would receive a disability check for $170.00 per week.  But if your normal paycheck were $1,000 per week you would receive $250.00 per week.

*Effective January 1, 2015 the maximum wage loss reimbursement rate will increase to $500.00 per week.

3)  Replacement Services: If you are the primary homemaker and your injuries result in a disability that prevents you from doing your household tasks, you may be eligible for replacement services of up to $200 per week under a basic no-fault policy.  If you are not the primary homemaker you are still eligible for benefits up to $200 per week, under a basic no-fault policy, if you had to pay someone to perform tasks around the home that you were unable to do as a result of a doctor ordered disability.

4)  Rehabilitation:  In some cases injuries may be so severe that a person is unable to return to their former line of work.  Your insurance coverage may provide money to have you retrained in an employment field that allows your restrictions to be considered.

5)  Mileage & Parking:  Basic no-fault policies also provide for reimbursement of expenses that you incur for going to doctor’s appointments.  This includes round trip mileage from your home to the doctor’s office as well as expense for parking (make sure you keep receipts).

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